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♥ Hand made in Germany.

A map is the best gift for a traveler! And what about the coolest map? No matter what type of traveler you are, we all have a bucket list. And now you can track all your travels, during your travel! Yes! This map will travel with you, crumpled, folded, squashed in the bottom of your carry-on. This map is basically indestructible, writable, waterproof and tear proof material, that you can also color during your adventure or when back home.

Packed and transported safely in a beautiful and compact box (smaller than a passport) for convenient transportation in pockets, carry-ons or backpacks.


  • 23.6 in x 15.7 in (compact)



  • Tyvek paper
  • Writable, waterproof, tear proof material
  • Crumpled, squashed,folded material
  • Light material (20gsm - 0.7oz)
  • Silk coated
  • Acid free paper



  • Base (ocean): white
  • Top (earth): black outline



  • English


Suggested Uses

  • Map for travelers
  • Map for backpacking
  • Map for carry-on
  • Map for adventures
  • Map for bucketlist
  • Map for gift
  • Map for collection
  • Map for decoration
  • Map for education


Alternative Names

  • Travel Journal Map
  • Journal Map
  • Bucket List Map
  • World Map
  • Travel Map
  • Writable Map
  • Waterproof Map
  • Tear proof Map
  • Crumpled Map
  • Squashed Map
  • Folded Map
  • Wanderlust Journal Map
  • Wanderlust Map

Map tools (for hang, scratch, write and/or paint the map) are NOT included.




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  • Please order before December 15 to receive it on time for Christmas. 
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