About Espanglish Shop



Thanks for visiting the Espanglish Shop and taking an interest in knowing more about us.

 Espanglish is a brand of souvenirs and a variety of unique and high-quality travel products for travelers around the World and established on Puerto Rico.

 In our online store Espanglish Shop, you can find "Not your typical souvenir!". Since our products are unique and high quality, designed for travelers like you and us. Which will make you enjoy your trips when you plan them, when you live them and when you remember them. But above all they will be the perfect gift for that traveler who is traveling the around the World.

 We focus on providing unique and high quality products, for this reason we personally choose the materials and products, we carefully select the people who will create the products (we also create some products), we search and rigorously analyze the suppliers in the countries we visit and, also we continually educate ourselves. As a fact, some of our products are made by Puerto Rican hands and we bring others from the countries we visit.


With love and desire to be checking-in anywhere in the World,

Espanglish Team