About Espanglish Team



Thanks for visiting the Espanglish Shop and taking an interest in knowing more about us, the Espanglish Team. The team is made up of a young couple, Edgar Gabriel and Yadira. Originally, they are from Vega Alta, but their studies led them to live for several years in Mayagüez (also in Madrid, Spain) and now they have settled in Arecibo. Edgar Gabriel is a mechanical engineer and Yadira is an entrepreneur, but above all, travelers.

Edgar Gabriel is an innate traveler, he likes the extreme sports, exotic destinations and is an adventurer at heart. He is the perfect travel companion if you are a disoriented person; he memorizes maps and directions in seconds, instantly converts multiple currencies in his mind (it's like walking with a human calculator) and drive any type of vehicle on any terrain anywhere in the World.

 Yadira always seeks to live the experience of the place on the trips, enjoy the place as if she were a local and learn about the culture and history in person. She is the perfect travel companion if you are a forgetful person; she plans trips from what to pack in the carry-on to what souvenirs to buy, it's like walking with a tourist guide because she learns the history of places and their curious facts and make sure to look for the most interesting places to eat something local.

 Both are travelers who go around the World as backpackers and making the Isla del Encanto known (the flag can never be left). Yadira and Edgar have visited over 20 countries together, although before knowing each other they had already traveled to other destinations. Among the countries visited are: Canada, United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. But no matter the countries they visit, Puerto Rico will always be the favorite.

 Precisely from the Isla del Encanto, they decided to launch the Espanglish Shop, a souvenir shop for travelers around the World and established on Puerto Rico. Are products for travelers, thinking of travelers like you and like them. Mostly products made by Puerto Rican hands (although they bring unique products from the places they visit), which will make you enjoy your trips when you plan them, when you live them and when you remember them.


With love and desire to be checking-in anywhere in the World,

Espanglish Team